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Kids' Dirt Bike Riding Gear

Kids Dirt Bike Riding Gear

    We at Global Power Racing you have the best dirt bike riding gear available for your kids. We have a great selection of high quality brands like; Alpinestars, Fox, Fly, and O’Neal.  The dirt bike gear your kids have seen their idols wear, Jerseys, Pants, and Boots which isn’t just looking great but also are comfortable.  

    It doesn’t matter if your boy or girl love to ride motocross or enduro at Global Power Racing you can get all the dirt bike riding gear you need and your kid wants. 

    When it comes to dirt bike protection gear for kids  Global Power Racing have the knowledge (we have a physical therapist on staff who is a dirt bike rider)  to offer you the best knee, elbow, shoulder, back guards available for kids. 

    Dirt bike protection gear market as grown a lot the last decade. Not long ago we rode with a helmet, Boots, and Gloves at best. Now, you we have dirt bike protection gear available like; Knee Braces, chest guards, and Neck Braces not only for grown ups but for our kids as well.  At global Power Racing we recommend you to buy the best gear you can afford for your self and your family. 

   As you know we aren't the only place you can get dirt bike gear from,  but with our unique way to do business it’s always cheaper to buy from us. Why?  Because we share our profit with our customers. we give you money back, real money! details here