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Men's UTV Riding Gear

Men's UTV Riding Gear

Are you looking for an utv helmet or pants? You have arrived to the right place, at Global Power Racing you will find all utv clothing and Accessories you need and want. We have the latest models from quality brands like Fox, Thor, and Alpinestars just to mention a few. 

  Besides our big selection of utv clothing for men like Jackets, Jerseys, and Pants we have plenty of utv Boots which basically are offroad/dirt bike Boots from Alpinestarts, Fox and Thor

   Are you a viking, you ride when it’s cold,  freezing cold, no worries,we have you covered with utv winter Gloves, and all the cold weather utv Accessories you need. Including heated riding Pants and Jackets

   It’s cool and feels great to wear a flashy jersey and a tough guy Pants but don’t forget your protection gear. Money spend on utv protection gear like shoulder, elbow, Knee Guards and a back protector is money invested in your health. They don’t prevent injures all together but, i. e. a shoulder guard (you have them in many riding / utv Jackets ) could male the difference between having your shoulder dislocated or just a bit sore for a week, ride again within a week or may be after 11 weeks. It’s a no brainer, right!   If you have been riding for a while you know it’s not about if you will wipe out/crash it’s when... so, get the best utv protection gear you can afford. 


   And nowhere you get your utv riding gear cheaper than at Global Power Racing, plus cash, real money deposit to your PayPal account (not some “cash” you spend next time you buy from us with  234 exceptions ... ) we share our profit with our customers.