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Men's Dual Sport Riding Gear

Men's Dual Sport Riding Gear

   If you going away for a week or a year the type of riding gear you need is a bit different comparing with a Sunday morning ride.  We have all been surprised by a downpour which made us soaking wet 2 hours from home. You know it could take days for Boots and leather to dry. Therefor by getting the right adventure bike riding gear you don’t need to worry about bad weather and riding wet and cold for hours. 

   At Global Power Racing we have all the adventure riding gear you need. Being riders ourself we know the importance of high quality riding gear, gear that works when mother nature gets tough. Your space is limited so to bring an extra jacket, a warmer pair of Pants, and a spare Boots isn’t an option.  

 Therefor the riding Pants, Boots, and jacket you’re wearing must work when the it’s 100 as well as 45 degrees and pouring rain. We cary the best riding gear you can get to the same prices or cheaper then our competition. In the long run it’s always cheaper to buy at Global Power Racing because of our profit sharing program. Please, tell your riding buddies! The cool thing is when they buy from us you make money as well.

  Adventure riding gear (sounds cooler then Dual Sport riding gear, right) must be tough to withstand the elements and keep you warm, dry, comfy, and safe while looking great. We have the quality gear from the leading brands like Alpinestars, Sidi, Thor, Fieldsheer, Olympia, and Klim,  Riding Pants and Jackets you can trust. And of course we also cary Cold Weather Riding Gear like heated Grips, heated riding Gloves, Vests and face masks.  

   Ladies, what about a birthday or an anniversary gift to the man (or the boy in a man’s body) in your life. We have plenty to choose from, everything from riding Socks, Jerseys to a new Exhaust fro his bike.