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Cold Weather Riding Gear

Cold Weather Riding Gear

   If you are a hardcore rider you don’t stop when it’s get a bit nippy, you dress accordingly and continue to do what you love. We have all the Cold Weather Riding Gear you need. Everything from heated Socks, face masks to heated Jackets

   All our gear for colder weather riding are from trusted companies like Klim, Arctiva, and Fox and more. 

   Why stop riding when it gets a bit colder? Now a days it’s no need to because you have other options then putting newspaper inside your leather and plastic bags around the Boots. The days riding with fingers you haven’t felt for the last hour is gone. Soaking wet, freezing cold feet, forget that! With waterproof materials and Heated Riding Gear you can extend the season so you can ride warm, dry, and safe even when the neighbor of your thinks you’re nuts. 

  And don’t forget the thermal basic layers,  to stay warm and comfy it’s crucial to dress in layers. You can get all the layers from us and remember you make money when you buy from GPR through our generous profit sharing system. Because of that it’s always cheaper to buy from us.