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Men's Sport Bike Riding Gear

Men's Street Bike Riding Gear

   Here at Global Power Racing we fully understand the adrenaline rush you get from riding a sport bike, our CEO and founder competed for five years in AMA  and many of our staff members ride or have ridden sport bikes. We have a great selection of riding gear for sport and street bike riding from companies like Alpinestars, Daniese, Sidi, Arai, and Shoei

   Global Power Racing have hundreds of street bike Jackets to choose from. Most with good shoulder and Elbow Guards, We always recommend to get and external back protector to get the best protection, because it’s not IF you will crash one way or another it’s WHEN.  To break a collar bone, arm or leg could be very painful but it usually heal well after couple of months.  You know it could be a totally different story if you hurt your back...

   We cary many street and sport bike Helmets from: Arai, Shoei, HJC, AGV, and Bell. If your helmet and a severe impact like in a crash it should be replaced even if it look good on the outside and definitely every fifth year regardless. Yes, buying a new helmet good set you back quite a bit but your brain is very fragile...worth the cost.

   Do you ride when it’s getting colder? You can stay warm and at top of your game with Heated Riding Gear Gloves, Vests, and, Accessories. Global Power Racing have a good selection of winter riding gear.