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Men's Cruiser Riding Gear

Men's Cruiser Riding Gear

   You Cruiser is looking great,  it brings a smile to your face. At Global Power Racing we have all the cool Cruiser riding gear for guys to match your bike. Riding gear like half-faced and open-faced Helmets. Chaps and riding Vests. Check out our big selection of riding Boots and Jackets as well, we have the riding gear you need and the ones you so badly want.
   You can still look cool with comfy Protective Gear underneath,  like kevlar reinforced jeans, Knee Guards, and a high quality Cruiser jacket with shoulder and Elbow Guards. As they say, it’s not if you crash it’s when... At Global Power Racing we cover and protect your butt - literally. 

   We have the Cruiser riding gear for you to the same prices or cheaper than others and in the long run it will always be cheaper at Global Power Racing because we give you cash back from our profit sharing program.